When I first brought up the topic of the Cleveland Cavaliers being good again soon, I honestly had someone check the cup I was drinking out of. It sounds crazy after how far LeBron set them back. But I really don’t think that is the case. No, they are not going to go out and win 60+ games like they did when they had LeBron, but they are ready to compete. They have a great coach in Byron Scott who is ready to put back the pieces and build towards being a middleweight contender again.Cleveland will have to do this methodically though. First they have to look at their current roster. I really like what they have at the Point Guard position right now. The key though is Baron Davis. If Baron Davis, at 32 years old, can be the ring leader like he was on the Golden State team that upset the Mavericks, he could become a very big asset for this team. Behind him the Cavs have Boobie Gibson and Ramon Sessions, 2 kids who can go off on any night, who will be continue to be suitable role players for Cleveland. I also really like what they have at Power Forward and Center. Although they don’t have anybody dominating other teams, the combination of Hickson, Jamison, Varejao, and Hollins (a kid I personally am high on) give them a very nice rotation of big men with Harangody giving them a little bit of depth.Notice when I did my position analysis for the Cavs that I didn’t say anything about the Shooting Guard and Small Forward decisions. That is because they both need work. Anthony Parker is a nice player, yes, but A) he is a free agent, but will likely return. And B) he is not a starter on a playoff team. Christian Eyenga is also a nice player, but again, role player. Not starting 3 man.In all honesty, they are not going to go out and sign a top priority free agent. They are in Cleveland, and frankly, Cleveland will drive away a lot more players than it will bring in. But what they will be able to do is draft. Pre-lottery, the Cavs would have picks 2, 8, 32, and 54. Now with that #1 pick, they have different routes they can go. They can take the nations best player in Derrick Williams, or they can go with the man with the most upside in the draft and take Kyrie. When looking at the number 2 pick, you cant just go with a man who you see as a great role player, you have to completely turn your franchise around. Which is why taking Derrick Rose over Beasley was smart, and taking Greg Oden over Durant was not. So because of this, I have the Cavs taking Kyrie Irving. This may not even be a question, because Minnesota may take Derrick Williams first, but I think if it comes down to it, Cleveland should take Kyrie. He gives them a Chris Paul presence, and if you were to take Chris Paul off of that Hornets team, well, you have the Cavs. The only issue with this though, in my opinion, is that Baron Davis will now have to play off the ball to open the game. The 8th pick, on the other hand, is a spot where Cleveland can look for their top role player. That is why I think Marcus Morris from Kansas would be a perfect fit. He has the versatility to play both the 3 and the 4, and has the potential to be a solid player in this league. The only other option I can see Cleveland going with here is going with Terrence Jones from Kentucky. With picks 31 and 54, I feel like it would be smart for them to take older guys with collegiate experience to the team. That’s why I think David Lighty (originally from Cleveland), and Vernon Macklin would be the best draft picks for this team in these positions.By adding these 4 players (Irving, Morris, Lighty and Macklin), mixed with the decent talent this team has right now, I honestly think a starting lineup of Kyrie Irving, Baron Davis, Marcus Morris, Antwan Jamison, and Anderson Varejao can really compete for the 6-8 seeds in the Eastern Conference and has the potential talent to be a very scary team down the road with the young talent they will have. Cavs fans, my advice? Forget the past, and look onto the potentially good future of your team.