As the commentators said, that is one of the most cheap shots I have ever seen, and it needs to be punished. Ron Artest got suspended for a game for his hit on Barea (I love how its always the little guy). Also, Andrew Bynum got suspended 2 games for a similar type hit on Michael Beasley this season (although not as dirty).<!--more-->Here is the play if you missed it: thing also that bothered me about this sequence is that Bynum took his jersey off while he was still on the court. To me that shows a lack of class and respect for his organization and that needs to be looked at when giving the suspension.To me, I think anywhere from a 5-10 game suspension should be given. A message needs to be sent that these kind of things will not be tolerated.Truly a classless sequence for not only Bynum, but the entire Laker organization to close out this series with Dallas.