We are 2 and a half weeks in to the season, and it has already been wild. Here is how I see things up to this point. 1. Miami Heat (8-1)- LeBron is off to the best start of his career. He is not only leading the league in scoring, he is doing it while shooting 60% from the field. It will be interesting to see how they play with Wade out if he is out long. Norris Cole and the rest of the role players have done a very nice job so far.2. Chicago Bulls (7-2)- Thibs has his team playing amazing defense in recent games, and the Bulls are off to their best start since 96-97 when they started 8-0.3. Oklahoma City Thunder (8-2)- The West has not looked that strong this year so far, and it will be interesting to see if OKC can finally bust through and take it. 10 games in they have looked real good, and really are pushing the Bulls for the #2 spot here. I also know that Bullsguy will kill me if I don't put them 2.4. Portland Trail Blazers (6-2)- They are a very balanced team. On some nights their 6th man, Batum, is their best player. Like every team though they have had a game where they completely laid an egg (@ Phoenix) but their balance and potential bring them to the 4 spot. Not to mention how weak the top tier is right now after the Big 3.5. Philadelphia 76ers (5-2)- Philly, who started with 5 straight on the road, will now play 16 of 20 at home. They are 2nd in point differential behind only Miami, and Doug Collins has his team playing very good basketball right now.6. Denver Nuggets (6-3)7.  Atlanta Hawks (6-3)8. Indiana Pacers (6-2)9. LA Lakers (6-4)10. LA Clippers (4-2)