The owners made an offer to the players in their latest meeting which offered the players a 50.2-49.8 split of the revenue. The players rejected the offer, and the owners did not accept the players rejection. Instead, the owners told them to sit on the offer until Wednesday night.David Stern has said that if the players do not accept this deal, they will never see an offer for more than 47% of the revenue.What this all is leading me to believe is that if we do not see a deal done by Wednesday, we will not have an NBA season, and we will be in this lockout for a very very long time.We will have more coverage as the week goes on, but as of now, basketball junkies should get themselves familiar with the top college players across the nation, because that may be the only basketball you see for a long time.UPDATE!It is now being reported the the owners have offered a 51-49 split. If this is true, the players need to accept. The deal will never get as good as that and they will be greedy. Kobe Bryant has even come out and said that the players need to take this deal because it is not worth it to ruin the season over a couple tenths of percentage points.Again, either way, we will find out by Wednesday whether or not we will have an NBA season.