The NBA is allowing talks again between Houston LA and New Orleans. I think that I deal can get done if New Orleans can make a good deal while taking less salary than they were in the previous deal. The Lakers will have to take on salary as well. The best situation for the NBA is a deal getting done, otherwise this will be a distraction all season long. Chris Paul will not resign in New Orleans so they have to deal him and rebuild. The Magic have decided to allow Dwight Howard and his agent to talk about potential trades with the Nets, Lakers and Mavs. A Mavs deal is highly unlikely. The Lakers seem focused on Paul, and the Magic supposedly asked for Bynum and Gasol. The Lakers don't want to deal both and went back to the Paul talks. We are still unsure if the Magic will file tampering charges against Nets. Reports are saying a lack of evidence would make it hard to prove a Thursday night meeting took place between Dwight Howard and Nets management.