Let's continue to look at whether or not America got it right with the All-Star Starters of the West:

Chris Paul: A strong candidate for MVP, Paul is having another fantastic year that is solidifying his position on the All-Star team. His stats may not be saying a whole lot, but I think the Clippers' record sure does. Even so, Paul is averaging 17 and 10 while once again leading the league in steals. CP3 is one of the best floor generals out there and is always among conversation for being the best point guard in the league. 

Kobe Bryant: No surprise here, especially with how Kobe has been playing as of late: in the last 3 games, Kobe is averaging an insane 17, 13 and 8, while leading the Lakers on a mini 3-game winning streak, tied for their second longest of the season (sad, right?). Some may argue that James Harden was more deserving of the starting nod, and who knows, maybe he was. But I guess America wanted The Black Mamba more than The Beard. 

Kevin Durant: Do I need to even say anything? I mean seriously, this guy is playing on an entirely different level than everyone else. Averaging 30-7-4 and shooting the ball at an impressive 52% and leading the Thunder to a 34-11 record, KD is in the top 3 for the MVP race this season. 

Blake Griffin: This pick was a little iffy to me to be honest. Blake is an All-Star no doubt, but maybe not starter-quality. The guy can ball with the best of them, but I think maybe LaMarcus Aldridge (21ppg, 9rpg) may have been a little more deserving of the nod. I'm glad to see both of these guys on the team, and I have no doubt that both will play well, but as we've seen before, it just comes down to a popularity contest. I am excited to see all of the Blake Griffin highlights though. 

Dwight Howard: This was definitely a wrong pick in my opinion. Sure, D12 is still averaging 17-12-3, but he has potential for a lot more. We don't even need to bring up his insanely childish and immature behavior on and off the court. Howard has been a disappointment for me all year and yes he has All-Star talent but he hasn't displayed that fully this year. I think someone who has actually helped improved their team, like a Tim Duncan or David Lee is more deserving of an All-Star spot. But once again, that's not what the All-Star game is, it's just a popularity contest...who knows, maybe we'll see a spot open up for Allen Iverson. 

Well America, I'm not gonna lie I wasn't too keen on some of your choices this year but I must admit that once again this year will once again provide us with a very entertaining All-Star game. Now if only they could get people who we actually care about to do the Dunk Contest...