With the All-Star selections being announced just a few days ago, I found it fitting to see if America got it right this year with the starters they selected. Today, we look at the Eastern Conference. 

Rajon Rondo: With Derrick Rose out still recovering from his ACL injury, Rondo was the pretty obvious choice. Rondo is leading the league in assists per game at 11, and is also an amazing rebounding point guard at 5 per. Rondo has also already tallied up 3 triple-doubles this year which is also the league-best. Kyrie Irving was also an excellent candidate and deserves his first selection to the All-Star team. Deron Williams is having a good season as well, but just not stellar enough to earn him a starting spot on the team. 

Dwayne Wade: Wade is simply being Dwayne Wade, getting it done every night in a very efficient way. Wade is averaging 20 points a game, to go with 4 assists and 5 rebounds per. Keep in mind that Wade is doing all of this with LeBron on the same team; pretty impressive. Joe Johnson would usually be in the running, but he's having a less-than-stellar season so far. The only other person who comes to mind that may get a chance at coming off the bench is JR Smith who is having a fabulous year. 

Carmelo Anthony: Anthony is having a career year in New York averaging 29 points a game and shooting 42% from behind the arc. There really was no disputing that Melo and LeBron would get the two forward positions this year, and I don't think there ever will be until they retire. Paul George makes a great case for being a reserve this year along with Paul Pierce. 

LeBron James: I don't think there's any argument here for anyone else to get the nod. LeBron is simply being LeBron and making it look easy. With Melo and LeBron both having great years, the PF position was essentially non-existent. 

Kevin Garnett: Garnett gets into his 15th All-Star game this year and in my mind doesn't really deserve it. Sure, he's 36 years old and still averaging 15 and 7, but is he really the best big man in the Eastern Conference? I think he is deserving of being a reserve, but I think people like Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah or even Chris Bosh were more deserving. 

So in conclusion I am overall very happy and agreeing with these selections, except for KG. I think Joakim Noah is much more deserving, what with him averaging all career highs in points (12.4), rebounds (10.8), blocks (2), assists (4.1), and steals (1.3) per game. With the All-Star selections being fan-based, it always comes down to a popularity contest, but America seems to have gotten it right this year...for the most part.