[gallery]Even though basketball is just around the corner, which means fantasy basketball is obviously coming soon, I have to take time out of my life to talk about Brandon Roy. With all the nonsense going on these days, from the trade rumors with Chris Paul and Dwight Howard secret meetings with the Nets, there is one thing that has been forgotten. The GREATNESS of Brandon Roy. Brandon Roy's retirement is a travesty to not just the Portland Trailblazers, but to the entire NBA. He exemplified what a basketball player should be: a professional, classy, enormously talented, a leader and most importantly a hero. The idea of Brandon Roy not playing in the year 2012 is mind baffling and quite frankly it's sad. In addition to this, Lamarcus Aldridge tweeted a nice tribute: "B Roy I will miss playing with you bro." Nevertheless, we must go on with our lives and to end on a better note the Blazers still have a good team. B-Roy, We Will Miss You!!!\